Lawyer who filed a reverse domain name hijacking case says so what? – View Link Below to Article

Some attorneys are awesome at what they do, and some attorneys are COMPLETE ASSHOLE CHEATERS AND WILL HAVE THE CAKE AND EAT IT TOO, but not for long.

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The following shows a scenario that either is a sign that TABLES CAN TURN AROUND AGAINST a person for their actions or there’s a SMELLY FISH in the house – you decide and let us know if there’s a more appropriate title for this following scenario below – YOU DECIDE:

Here, you have a Traffic Conference between 2 groups, one which is called Team Schilling, and one which is Team Schwartz, which has Rick Schwartz & Lonnie Borck. Then when Lonnie Borck passed away…: The “Lonnie Borck Memorial Award” was given to David Weslow, attorney of Wiley Rein. Secondly, in an interview on Domain Sherpa…

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Watch this video, and can you figure out what the problem is with “SCRATCH.MIT.EDU” and the title of their web page? – WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE REASON BEHIND THE INTENTION? Why the title “”, when they don’t own the domain?

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Lonnie Borck of B52 e-mailed us just 1 day before he died. Even today, when reflecting back, we cannot say anything to him because he is no longer around.

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If you register a domain name at GoDaddy, and hold it there for 2 years, then transfer it to Network Solutions, and you’re the same registrant, does that mean that transferring it to Network Solutions means that it is a BRAND NEW REGISTRATION for the domain name, essentially, resetting the registration of the domain name to the date that the domain name was transferred to Network Solutions?

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Reverse domain hijacking – RDNH

REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING: Reverse domain name hijacking (also known as reverse cybersquatting or commonly abbreviated as ‘RDNH’), occurs where a rightful trademark owner attempts to secure a domain name by making cybersquatting claims against a domain name’s “cybersquatter” owner.[1] This often intimidates domain name owners into transferring ownership of their domain names to trademark owners to avoid legal action, particularly when the domain…

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Under ACPA, if domain registrant can prove he/she has owned the domain before the trademark of the complainant, the registrant can go after the complainant under ACPA for ATTORNEY FEES + DAMAGES of $100,000.

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If GDPR was forced by the EU, why would a Judge put the blame on the domain registrant for putting privacy on a domain name, when the registrant was forced in the GDPR (PRIVACY)?

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With GDPR, essentially forcing privacy on a domain registration, OFCOURSE it will be difficult to reach the registrant, and so that ends up being the REGISTRANT’s FAULT or the COMPLAINANT’s FAULT, or REGISTRAR’S FAULT? – which one?

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What happens when a Trademark Holder uses DOMAIN AGENTS as a way to reach out to the domain owner in order to acquire the domain, without identifying themselves, and then use that communications against the Domain Owner to suggest that the Domain Owner attempted to sell the domain name to a trademark holder?

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